Joy of Breathing & Higher Self Meditation

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Ready to experience an immersion into feeling more consciously awake and connected with your shining energy body, your inner source, and intelligent life force within?

Then I encourage you to join me for a joyful immersion into source with a deeper Joy of Breathing experience.

At this 75 minute online live event, you will be guided through an extended Joy of Breathing Pranayama session, followed by a Higher Self Meditation.

We will activate, balance and align your energy body with breathwork, visualization and a profound meditation experience.

Higher Self Meditation

Carried on the breathe, we will enter into a higher state of consciousness where we experience an expanded self-awareness. In this expanded awareness, we will connect with our own true High Self within and call it forth into our lives to illuminate our life’s journey and consciousness in truth, in peace, in love and in healing.
From this sacred space, we will expand our circle out into the world for healing, peace and well-being for all of those near and dear to us, and for all life on Earth.

What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self can be thought of as the infinite aspect of yourself that knows everything about you, is your inner guide and your best friend in this life’s journey. It is the part of you that is always in the Light and Truth. It is Magnificence and Beauty. It’s also the part of you that is Love at the core. The Higher Self feels like home. You feel safe and embraced in a love that has no bounds.

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4 reviews for Joy of Breathing & Higher Self Meditation

  1. Katie

    This was a wonderful session with Sylvie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot from it. It was great to go into a deeper meditation, and to experience meditating with others. It has helped to enhance my spiritual practice. Can’t recommend enough.

  2. Chris

    This session offered me a time of reflection and healing. I felt energized through the extended Joy of Breathing session. During the Meditation, I focused on my inner light, my heart. After the session, I ruminated on the purpose of my life, the value of my existence. I asked myself, “Am I the master of my life? What do I want? What is my true self? What is my purpose?” I was inspired to become the best version of myself. Sylvie’s comment “I remember now” has been resonating with me. I feel blessed. I highly recommend any session with Sylvie. Thank you!

  3. Anna Pastuszko

    It was an amazing session, where I felt the vibrations in my body, especially extremities during the deep breathing part and then “drifted” into wonderful “unknown”. My favorite session 😊

  4. M. Michelle

    I attended the Joy of Breathing & Higher Self Meditation on November 11, 2021. I highly recommend the experience which continues to have positive, lasting effects in my own life.
    Sylvie is a skillful and focused presenter. She easily led the experience with accessible language and demonstrated her deep knowledge of frequencies, consciousness and the physical body. Sylvie also has such a kind and gentle approach that included everyone; she was able to communicate just the right sensitivity for the moment. Sylvie’s yogic training shines through and I felt safely and competently held as I reached new levels of awareness. Thank you, thank you. What a gift!

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