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Start Your Inner Transformation

A Consistent practice of the Soul Dimension Breathing creates real transformation that you can see and feel.
Soul Dimension Breathing weaves together science about the benefits of breathing practices with the ancient wisdom of yoga pranayama breathing. The practice is a powerful and effective path for increasing physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.
The breathing method is accessible and highly effective, not only for creating greater health and self-empowerment, but also for balancing the nervous system and creating new neural pathways in the brain to create deep transformation and lasting change.


With Your 30+ Years Experienced Instructor

All classes are guided by Sylvie Horvath, a yogi and breathwork practitioner for over 30 years. The Soul Dimension Breathing Pranayama practice is based on her many years of study and immersion into yoga, consciousness, and breathwork studies.

All-Inclusive Breathwork Membership

Full access to live classes

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The Soul Dimension Breathing works to quickly and effectively allow you to access a deeper, more conscious connection with the body, mind, heart and spirit. It provides immediate health benefits as well as increases joy and well-being.

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During this 75 minute online live session you will be safely and gently guided to explore, feel and connect to deeper layers of your body, emotions and consciousness. The sessions happen every Monday.

Soul Dimension masterclass

These monthly masterclasses are for anyone who wants to experience a deeper exploration and connection within. This includes experiencing higher brain wave states and profound meditations. In these higher states we access shifts in energy and consciousness.

Full access to replays

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Membership Detail and Conditions


You can easily cancel your subscription anytime without providing any justification. You will continue to receive membership access until the remainder of the monthly billing period.

To cancel any Breathwork Memberships, go to the Memberships page and click “Cancel”.

Easily upgrade or downgrade anytime (in case of downgrade, the current credit gives you additional time before the next payment is due).

To upgrade or downgrade to another membership level, go to the Memberships page and click “Upgrade or Downgrade”.

The Free Experience is (of course) included in all memberships.

The Breathwork Healing Monday sessions and the Monthly Masterclasses happening on Thursday are only included in the “All Inclusive” Membership.

Yoga classes are not included in any membership.

Everyone can join any class, session or event. If you’re not an “All Inclusive” member, you just need to get a ticket for the Healing Breathwork  or the Monthly Masterclass in order to access the Zoom Meeting link.

The Daily Breathwork Challenge offers every day a different 20 minutes long breathwork video. By practicing 20 minutes a day under Sylvie’s guidance, you will get the quickest and greatest benefits.

You can track your progression as any breathwork session (live or with a video replay) counts toward your experience.

To start your personal Breathwork Challenge, subscribe to the Daily Challenge or All Inclusive membership.

You can join all live events from My Account page. It workds the same way as the Joy of Breathing free class. The website recognizes you and gives you access to the Zoom Meeting links.
All video replays can be accessed directly from your account. Just go to the Replays page and start your breathwork practice.
The Daily Breathwork Challenge can be accessed directly from your account. Just go to the Daily Challenge page and start learning.

All recent video replays are in high definition (HD) quality. They are delivered in a much better quality than the Zoom Meetings, which is limited by Zoom software. The great quality of the sound helps you immerse in Sylvie’s voice and be taken by the brainwave music.


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