Soul Dimension Breathing

Online Breathwork Sessions

Every Wednesday at 19:00

Thursday April 25th at 2024-04-25 19:00:00

Joy, Science & Tradition

The ancient yogi techniques revisited with recent discoveries for an uplifting and rejuvenating free breathing experience.

Oxygenate, Energize, Relax

Get amazing benefits like vibrant health, inner peace, joy, love. Get all that you want to manifest in your life with this powerful online breathwork.

Improve Your Well-Being

Learn and practice the Soul Dimension Breathing technique. Influence your well-being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

A Powerful Breathing Free Technique

Easy & Highly Effective

Learn how to breath naturally and fully with this simple and effective method, and breathe your way to greater health, vitality, peace and joy now!

Just 20 minutes of Soul Dimension Breathing on a regular basis will deeply impact your health, well-being, happiness and energy levels. It’s that easy!

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

The Soul Dimension Breathing technique primary influences are Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga. These ancient spiritual practices has been enriched by late discoveries in science and contemporary breathing techniques such as Wim Hof Breathing Technique and Holotropic Breathwork.


“Thank you Sylvie, this was my very best online breathwork!”

“I’m practising your breath work everyday now for some weeks however to always attend Wednesday!”

“Absolutely fantastic experience! Best ever online breathwork! Almost trance like!”

“This is my second time here. Absolutely brilliant, excellent, astonishing and amazing. So many things I was not aware of have started coming up. Thank you.”

“You are a wonderful facilitator. Thank you.”

“Thank you Sylvie, amazing sensations all over and visuals! I’ve started this week doing this breathing technique everyday!”

“Feeling blessed. Thank you! That was incredible!”

“Thank you for this opportunity to empower our body especially in this challenging time. Merci Sylvie!”

“That was unbelievably beautiful. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much Sylvie for another wonderful session. I feel so much better for it.”

The Great Benefits of Pranayama

Relax body & mind

Reconnect with inner joy

Increase vitality

Improve sleep quality

Enhance mental clarity

Reduce stress & anxiety

Decrease inflammation

Reduce pain

Balance the nervous system

Strengthen the immune system

Increase longevity

Quickly Improve Your Quality Of Life

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Reconnect To Your Innerself

Use the Soul Dimension Breathing to connect with your feelings and deepest desires, to heal the body and calm the mind, to open the heart and expand your light. Breathe your way to your highest potential!

How well do you know your Self? Your deepest desires? Your highest potential? Your inner joy?

The transformational breathwork sessions will help you to create a deeper, authentic connection with yourself and help you to manifest what you truly want in life – from inner peace, harmony and calm, to loving awareness, vitality and joy.

Online Breathwork Class

Increase Your Joy & Well-being

In a clinical study, scientists discovered that people doing online breathwork lower their degree of anxiety, depression and stress, and also increase their degree of optimism.

Researches report the following outcomes:

  • 60% drop in depression
  • 50% drop in fatigue
  • 24% improvement in the ability to focus
  • 17% improvement in home/work conflict
Breathwork For Spiritual Enlightenment​

Reduce Your Stress & Relax

Scientific studies show that deep, rhythmical breathing turns off the body’s response to stress and induces states of tranquility and calm.

Further, in a pilot study published in Neurological Sciencesresearchers reported their results point to the possibility that deep breathing has the capability of effectively inducing mood and stress improvement.

Sylvie Horvath

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Hi, I’m Sylvie. I have been working in health and wellness for over 30 years, guiding students and seekers with the deep teachings of yoga, meditation and breathwork.

It is my pleasure and honor to guide you toward self-empowerment and self-awakening. You will be guided to experience your deepest and truest self, from the physical to the soul dimension.