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Joy of Breathing

What if the easiest and most natural activity of your daily life could be the key to self-empowermenthealth, joy and inner peace?

Join us to experience the powerful benefits of the Joy of Breathing transformational breathwork and Wim Hof breathing. Discover how these powerful techniques will empower you to influence your well being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Oxygenate, energize, relax and get the amazing benefits of this intentional breathwork. Get connected to your innermost self and intentions and begin to manifest vibrant health, inner peace, joy, love, and all that you want to manifest in your life.

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Free Online Breathwork Class

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An Easy & Powerful Technique

Easy & Highly Effective

Learn how to breath naturally and fully with this simple and effective method, and breathe your way to greater health, vitality, peace and joy now!

Just 15 minutes of Joy of Breathing on a regular basis will deeply impact your health, well-being, happiness and energy levels. It’s that easy!

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

The Joy of Breathing technique primary influences are Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga. These ancient spiritual practices has been enriched by late discoveries in science and contemporary breathing techniques such as:

Focus On Your Spiritual Awakening

Joy of Breathing is an easy and powerful technique that will allow you to easily and quickly access altered states of consciousness and tap into your highest potential. It will balance the chakras, cleanse the aura, awaken kundalini energy, and reconnect you to your highest self.

Joy of Breathing Transformational Breathwork - Awaken Kundalini & Balance Chakras

Awaken Kundalini & Balance Chakras

The different stages of a breathing session prepare and awaken the body, mind and energetic system. It will take you into Alpha and Theta brain wave states where you will access deep levels of relaxation and meditation. The joy breath process balances, cleanses and aligns the chakras (energy centers) and gradually awakens the super-conscious universal life force energy (kundalini). The breathing process integrates, awakens and enlivens your entire being.

Kundalini is the essential, intelligent life force energy that is operating in the body maintaining our health and well-being. On a spiritual level, when we are awakening our consciousness to a higher level of understanding and wisdom, we enliven this energy and the mind becomes illuminated, bright and clear. We become firmly aware and centered in our timeless, spiritual selves. The breathing method process safely awakens the kundalini when it is done mindfully with guidance from an experienced guide.

Wim Hof Breathing Method - Experience A Higher State Of Consciousness

Higher Vibration & Higher State Of Consciousness

Connecting to the high frequency music and the fellow breathers can help lift your energy to a higher vibration and a higher state of consciousness.

The music during a joy breath session helps you feel lighter and more relaxed in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As you breath and allow the music to flow through you, you access feelings of greater personal empowerment, clarity, peace, love, and joy. As you dive deeper into the breathing experience, you can even learn to access your akashic records, as well as connect to your highest self for deep healing, peace and wisdom.

The Great Benefits Of Breathwork

Relax body & mind

Reconnect with inner joy

Increase vitality

Improve sleep quality

Enhance mental clarity

Reduce stress & anxiety

Decrease inflammation

Reduce pain

Balance the nervous system

Strengthen the immune system

Increase longevity

What Joyful Breathers Say

Quickly Improve Your Quality Of Life

Free Holotropic Breathwork Course

Use the Joy of Breathing to connect with your feelings and deepest desires, to heal the body and calm the mind, to open the heart and expand your light. Breathe your way to your highest potential!

How well do you know your Self? Your deepest desires? Your highest potential? Your inner joy?

The transformational breathwork sessions will help you to create a deeper, authentic connection with yourself and help you to manifest what you truly want in life – from inner peace, harmony and calm, to loving awareness, vitality and joy.

Wim Hof Breathing Technique Free

In a clinical study, scientists discovered that people doing breathwork lower their degree of anxiety, depression and stress, and also increase their degree of optimism.

Researches report the following outcomes:

  • 60% drop in depression
  • 50% drop in fatigue
  • 24% improvement in the ability to focus
  • 17% improvement in home/work conflict
Breathing technique for anxiety

Scientific studies show that deep, rhythmical breathing turns off the body’s response to stress and induces states of tranquility and calm.

Further, in a pilot study published inNeurological Sciencesresearchers reported their results point to the possibility that deep breathing has the capability of effectively inducing mood and stress improvement.

Long Lasting Health Benefits

Transformational Breathwork

Scientific studies highlight that breathwork has a significant impact on inflammation and triggers an improvement in muscle tension for 44% of the participants.

Several researches highlight improvements with various health condition including:

  • PTSD
  • Asthma
  • Several autoimmune diseases
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
Breathing technique for sleep

The Joy of Breathing online class can positively effect the quality of your sleep. When you constantly find it hard to fall asleep at night, it may be all that you need to help you sleep like a baby.

A growing number of studies, including for the Wim Hof Breathing Technique, show that breathing exercises are effective against anxiety and insomnia. These techniques influence both physiological factors (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system) and psychological factors (by diverting attention from thoughts).

Therapeutic Breathwork Course

Consistent and conscious breathwork is known to positively effect the blood ph levels in the body to achieve and maintain an alkaline ph, a necessary condition for maintaining vibrant health. Whereas a blood ph which is acidic, can increase inflammation, disease, toxicity and physical pain.

Studies show 43% of people practicing breathwork reported relief from indigestionheart burn and stomach upset.

Norwegian scientific research showed that breathing rhythms affect how well spinal fluid flows in and around the brain, which plays an important role in flushing metabolic waste products from the brain.

Private Breathwork Sessions

Improve Your Technique And Get Deeper Experiences

Joyful Breathing Instructor

Sylvie Horvath

#yoga #breathwork #ayurveda #vedic_astrology

I have been guiding spiritual seekers for over 30 years with the deep teachings of yoga, meditation and breathing, which I received from some great spiritual masters and teachers.

It is my pleasure and honor to guide you toward self-empowerment and awakened consciousness. I will help you experience your deepest and truest self from the physical to the soul dimension.

Joy of Breathing

What if the easiest and most natural activity of your daily life could be the key to self-empowerment, health, joy and inner peace?

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