Awaken The Third Eye Chakra With Joy Of Breathing

The Joy of Breathing method is a very effective path to awakening the third eye chakra. In fact, with consistent, balanced practice of the Joy of Breathing, it’s possible to awaken your third eye about as quickly and safely as anything I have ever experienced (plus it’s fun and gratifying). But just how quick the process will be varies from person to person.

How to awaken the third eye chakra is a very hot topic. There is a multitude of articles and Youtube video instructions on how to do it quickly, RIGHT NOW! Even INSTANTLY! We surly live in fast times — fast information, fast internet, phones, cars, and our busy minds are even faster. We like the idea of instant gratification.

However, friends, when it comes to awakening the third eye — which is also awakening to the reality of your higher consciousness and highest identity — it is rarely a quick process. Rather, it requires consistent practice, patience, and a stable mind. The stable mind bit is not so easy! But I guess you already know that!

Breathwork for spiritual enlightenment
The Seven Chakras

What is The 3rd Eye?

In the 7 chakra energy system, the third eye chakra energy center is the 6th chakra (ajna chakra). It is located inside the head near the pineal gland.

The 3rd eye is literally considered to be a third eye — an inner, invisible eye that gives us inner sight. This inner sight gives us access to higher states of consciousness and intuition. It reveals the inner dimension and reality of our being, allowing us to connect with our highest self, true essence and source.

As you/we continue to evolve through our consistent Joy of Breathing (pranayama) practice, we are also stimulating the flow of life force energy throughout the body. This has a balancing, healing and strengthening effect on the body, mind and energetic system, which includes the chakras (energy centers).

These experiences and effects of the breathing practice are all part of the process of getting more connected and in balance with all aspects of our being — from the physical to the soul dimension.

Just Breathe and Be in Your Flow

Three Joy of Breathing 3rd Eye Awakening Practices

  1. The Joy of Breathing
  2. Stabilize the mind, mood and emotions
  3. Meditation

Quieting down and stabilizing the mind is at the top of the to do list when it comes to awakening the third eye. That’s where the Joy of Breathing comes in very handy. The breathing practice allows us to quickly access altered brain wave states. As we breathe, our awareness shifts out of the Beta brain waves of our normal awake state of conscious mind that are connected with worrying, fear, anger, moodiness, nervousness and anxiety.

After about 15 minutes (time varies from person to person) of The Joy of Breathing, we start to access Alpha (relaxed, calm, peaceful, alert, meditative) and Theta brain waves ( Intuition, insight, deeper meditation, trance-like, problem solving). With practice we even access Delta (dreamless sleep, rejuvenation, renewal, healing, profound meditation). And with guidance, you can learn how to enter and navigate these deeper, powerful states where you can access your innate ability to heal, rejuvenate and expand your consciousness.

These effects brought on by the Joy of Breathing put us on a good path to not only awakening the third eye consciousness, but also creating balance, energy and calm throughout the body, mind and nervous system. This internal balance of body, mind, and emotions is key to safely awakening the third eye.

When we breathe and enter into these altered brain wave states of Alpha, Theta, and Delta, we can learn to unlock the dormant power and life force energy that lies within uskundalini. You can imagine it like opening up into an expanded super-conscious self-awareness that contains the wholeness of life itself, and now you realize you have always been a part of it — living in it, swimming in it, but not recognizing it until you woke up.

This “waking up”, is the third eye consciousness awakening and showing you who you truly are! Not a mind! Not an ego personality! Not a body! But an amazingly beautiful, spiritual being in a body, on a journey of awakening to your true magnificence.


After a Joy of Breathing session, you are prepared and ready to dive into meditation! This is where we have an opportunity to utilize the higher brain wave states, and the energy (prana) we have ignited in the body and energetic system. We are now ready to use this state to the fullest capacity to journey deeper into our awakening process — awakening the third eye, awakening our conscious connection to our inner Source/Spirit/Divinity.

If you already practice meditation, you can slide right into it after you complete the breathing. Or, you can learn the Joy of Breathing meditation practices. There are stages to the practice that will gradually open and awaken the third eye chakra. First we are learning to just enter relaxation, where the mind is quiet and gradually becomes more comfortable to be in stillness — the inner quiet of deep relaxation and non-reactive mind.

In the first stages of the practice — both while breathing and after breathing — we become awareness of the sensations, effects and feelings that the Joy of Breathing helps us to access. This can involve getting connected with deeper parts of your body/mind/emotional connection. Here you can start to get in touch with releasing deep stress, anxiety, tensions, painful memories and emotions that have been buried in the subconscious mind.

At the same time, you can also experience feelings of peace, calm, healing, rejuvenation, and the joy and love of your inner presence/spirit. It’s important to note that everything you are experiencing is part of your awakening/healing process. And it is all coming into the light of your awareness for your healing, freedom and spiritual growth. As this light — your light — of awareness opens, expands and permeates your consciousness, your third eye is awakening too!

Then, as the subconscious mind is cleansed and getting free from limiting and debilitating mental/emotional programming, we are also discovering our innate ability to heal and awaken to states of higher consciousness — states that we may not even realize are possible. But, you are reading this….so you are open and on your path to awakening!

As we dive deeper into meditation, we are focusing the attention even more inward, using specific chakra meditations to awaken, balance and align the chakras and nadis (energy channels). In this process we are accessing different visualizations, sounds, thought forms and frequencies of energy that support our physical/mental/emotional well-being and spiritual awakening.


It is possible to awaken your consciousness and third eye progressively to higher states with the Joy of Breathing practice. A big part of the process is about stabilizing, harmonizing and aligning the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The Joy of Breathing practice and meditation are powerful and relatively simple tools that allow us to create this inner calm, stability and inner awakening. As we progress through the process of awakening the third eye consciousness, we are awakening to the truth, light, love and joy of our highest selves.

article by Sylvie Horvath

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