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Description of the Monthly Events

Ready to experience an immersion into feeling more consciously awake and connected with your shining energy body, inner source, and inner guide?

Then I encourage you to join me for a joyful immersion into a deeper Joy of Breathing Pranayama experience.

During these 75 minute online live events, you will be guided through an extended Joy of Breathing Pranayama session and Meditation.

These monthly events are for anyone who wants to experience a deeper connection with the body, emotions and consciousness. This includes experiencing higher brain wave states and profound meditations. In these higher states we can access shifts in energy and consciousness.


Cultivating Gratitude Breathing Meditation

Carried on the breath, we will journey into a deep state of consciousness with the Joy of Breathing Pranayama and guided meditation to connect us with the energy, thoughts, and feelings of gratitude.

We will explore and reflect on what we feel personally grateful for in our lives, as well as explore our own feelings of self-gratitude and self-love.

An attitude of gratitude shifts us out of negative thoughts and negative emotional patterns that frequently take us hostage.

While these negative patterns can be difficult to change, practicing gratitude is a powerfully effective, deeply healing, even fun and creative way to reclaim health and well-being.

At first thought, it might sound simplistic and just too easy to be true, but scientific research reveals that people who regularly reflect on what they are grateful for in life are happier and healthier than those who do not.

Some of the benefits of feeling gratitude:

  • Get free from toxic, negative thoughts and negative emotional patterns
  • Practicing gratitude gets us in the habit of cultivating positive emotions
  • It has lasting effects on the brain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • People who practice gratitude feel less stress, less pain, and even sleep better

What are you grateful for?

  • Gratitude can be very easy to experience, like offering a prayer of thanks for the food you are about to eat
  • Feeling thanks for the friends and loved ones in your life
  • Feeling grateful for your health
  • Feeling grateful for a parking spot

Once you get started cultivating gratitude, it can be a fun and creative journey. You might even be impressed with what you can come up with to fill your heart and mind with a positive energy. Remember, it just takes practice.

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2 reviews for Joy of Breathing & Gratitude Meditation

  1. Chris

    Thank you, Sylvie, for reminding each of us that gratitude is the foundation for joy, happiness, and healing. This session was uplifting, both physically and emotionally. You reminded us that our heart chakra is the center of all gratitude. Through daily practice and awareness, we develop a space for remembering and acknowledging our blessings. Deep breathing guides us. Gratitude leads to peace. Sylvie, your sessions provide a respite; I am grateful!

  2. Anna

    Thanks, Sylvie, for this amazing opportunity to connect with you and everyone else during this Gratitude session!

    I’ve attended several of your free workshops in the last month or so. They were profoundly helpful. I was able to calm my overactive sympathetic nervous system down very quickly, so I decided to give the Gratitude session a try and the result was astounding!

    Before trying the weave style breathing you taught, I was doing some trauma healing outside of this already. Due to recent stressful situations, my chest felt heavier than ever before, along with holding excess negative energy in my abdominal area as well… these led me to have difficulties breathing and calming my sympathetic nervous system.

    Unexpectedly, the breakthrough came last Thursday during our Gratitude session. I was able to clear my emotionally blockages that I’ve been holding onto for my whole life! Now, I feel centered, present and spiritually led.

    I can’t thank you enough for helping me though the most difficult part of my healing journey! Thanks for bringing healing to the world!

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