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15 Days Access to the Event Video Replay

Ready to experience an immersion into feeling more consciously awake and connected with your shining energy body, inner source, and inner guide?

During these 75 minute online events, you will be guided through an extended Joy of Breathing Pranayama session and Meditation.

These monthly events are for anyone who wants to experience a deeper connection with the body, emotions and consciousness. This includes experiencing higher brain wave states and profound meditations. In these higher states we can access shifts in energy and consciousness.

The Joy of Breathing & The Power of Affirmations

Ready to get inspired on how to effectively use affirmations to remove subconscious thinking and emotional patterning that can keep you stuck in life? Or just want to know how to optimize your health and well-being and move forward in life from a place of authenticity and self-confidence? Then this is a great opportunity to learn how to succeed with your affirmations with the use of breathwork!
At this Joy of Breathing Meditation Event you will learn how to…
  • Design affirmations that speak to your heart and mind. 
  • Identify your inner voice and patterns of negative self-talk.
  • Connect with your subconscious mind to release, resolve and heal the negative and unprocessed  subconscious programs that keep you stuck in life
  • Connect with your superconscious mind and higher self to transform your mind and life.

Increase The Power Of Affirmations With Breathwork

Scientific research tells as that for positive changes to take root in our minds, we need to believe what we are repeating to ourselves. If our minds are habitually thinking negative thoughts about ourselves, about our life situations, our abilities, and our sense of self-worth, how do we change these pattern?

During the Joy of Breathing practice, we shut off parts of the brain and activate other parts, allowing us to journey deeper within to access the subconscious and superconscious minds. Here we CAN release old patterning and create new patterns rooted in self-love, authenticity, truth and joy.

So what would you like to manifest and create in your life?

Tips For Creating Affirmations That Speak To You

Here are some helpful suggestions to creating affirmations before our breathing session:
  1. Observe your general state of mind and body and what they feel like on a regular basis. It is important to do this without judgement. Just be aware of and present with what is.
  2. Self-acceptance of what is now is an important part of the process of getting deeper into what you feel and what you desire to heal and change.
  3. Think, feel and reflect any issues, patterns of thinking that are not serving your highest good and well-being. Can you sense any core issues or life experiences that are connected with these patterns that you want to shift?
  4. Write some short, positive. heartfelt statements that speak to these patterns that you want to shift.
  5. Repeat these statements on a daily basis and at different times of the day to help these new thoughts and feelings to take root in your subconscious mind.
  6. Have belief and confidence that your affirmations will work. Feel the feeling of the affirmation in the present moment in your body and life now. Notice how this feels as you absorb it in.
  7. Engage in daily habits/activities that support what you want to manifest.
  8. Repeat your affirmations in your mind during your breathing practice.



  • 75 minutes video of guided breathwork and meditation
  • Valid for 15 days from purchase
  • Watch the class as many times as you like

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • No cancellation or refund

6 reviews for Joy of Breathing Event Replay

  1. Katie

    This was a wonderful session with Sylvie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot from it. It was great to go into a deeper meditation, and to experience meditating with others. It has helped to enhance my spiritual practice. Can’t recommend enough.

  2. Chris

    This session offered me a time of reflection and healing. I felt energized through the extended Joy of Breathing session. During the Meditation, I focused on my inner light, my heart. After the session, I ruminated on the purpose of my life, the value of my existence. I asked myself, “Am I the master of my life? What do I want? What is my true self? What is my purpose?” I was inspired to become the best version of myself. Sylvie’s comment “I remember now” has been resonating with me. I feel blessed. I highly recommend any session with Sylvie. Thank you!

  3. Anna Pastuszko

    It was an amazing session, where I felt the vibrations in my body, especially extremities during the deep breathing part and then “drifted” into wonderful “unknown”. My favorite session 😊

  4. M. Michelle

    I attended the Joy of Breathing & Higher Self Meditation on November 11, 2021. I highly recommend the experience which continues to have positive, lasting effects in my own life.
    Sylvie is a skillful and focused presenter. She easily led the experience with accessible language and demonstrated her deep knowledge of frequencies, consciousness and the physical body. Sylvie also has such a kind and gentle approach that included everyone; she was able to communicate just the right sensitivity for the moment. Sylvie’s yogic training shines through and I felt safely and competently held as I reached new levels of awareness. Thank you, thank you. What a gift!

  5. Chris

    Thank you, Sylvie, for reminding each of us that gratitude is the foundation for joy, happiness, and healing. This session was uplifting, both physically and emotionally. You reminded us that our heart chakra is the center of all gratitude. Through daily practice and awareness, we develop a space for remembering and acknowledging our blessings. Deep breathing guides us. Gratitude leads to peace. Sylvie, your sessions provide a respite; I am grateful!

  6. Anna

    Thanks, Sylvie, for this amazing opportunity to connect with you and everyone else during this Gratitude session!

    I’ve attended several of your free workshops in the last month or so. They were profoundly helpful. I was able to calm my overactive sympathetic nervous system down very quickly, so I decided to give the Gratitude session a try and the result was astounding!

    Before trying the weave style breathing you taught, I was doing some trauma healing outside of this already. Due to recent stressful situations, my chest felt heavier than ever before, along with holding excess negative energy in my abdominal area as well… these led me to have difficulties breathing and calming my sympathetic nervous system.

    Unexpectedly, the breakthrough came last Thursday during our Gratitude session. I was able to clear my emotionally blockages that I’ve been holding onto for my whole life! Now, I feel centered, present and spiritually led.

    I can’t thank you enough for helping me though the most difficult part of my healing journey! Thanks for bringing healing to the world!

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