Breathwork For Spiritual Enlightenment​
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Sylvie Horvath

Sylvie is a Yoga Instructor for over 30 years. She is the creator of the Soul Dimension Breathing technique.

Breathwork For Spiritual Enlightenment​

Joy of Breathing is an easy and transformative breathwork technique that will allow you to easily and quickly access altered states of consciousness and tap into your highest potential. It helps to balance the chakras, cleanse the aura, awaken kundalini energy, and connect you to your higher self.

Awaken Kundalini & Balance Chakras​

The different stages of a breathing session prepare and awaken the body, mind and energetic system. It will take you into Theta, Alpha, and Delta brain wave states where you will access deep levels of relaxation and meditation. The Joy of Breathing process balances, cleanses and aligns the chakras (energy centers) and gradually awakens you to a greater awareness of your connection to the universal life force energy (kundalini). The breathing process integrates, awakens and enlivens your entire being.

Kundalini is the essential, intelligent life force energy that is operating in the body maintaining our health and well-being. On a spiritual level, when we are awakening our consciousness to a higher level of understanding and wisdom, we enliven this energy and the mind gradually becomes more illuminated, bright and clear. We become firmly aware and centered in our timeless, spiritual essence. The breathing method process safely awakens the kundalini when it is done mindfully with guidance from an experienced guide.

Breathwork For Spiritual Enlightenment​

Higher Vibration & Higher State Of Consciousness​

Connecting to the high frequency music and the fellow breathers can help lift your energy to a higher vibration and a higher state of consciousness.

The music during a joy breath session helps you feel lighter and more relaxed in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As you breath and allow the music to flow through you, you access feelings of greater personal empowerment, clarity, peace, love, and joy. As you dive deeper into the breathing experience, you can even learn to access your akashic records and soul purpose, as well as connect to your highest self for deep healing, peace and wisdom.

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