The 8 best breathwork methods
Sylvie Horvath

Sylvie Horvath

Sylvie is a Yoga Instructor for over 30 years. She is the creator of the Soul Dimension Breathing technique.

8 Best Breathwork Techniques


Breathwork techniques are powerful healing practice that can induce deep states of relaxation, mental clarity, and self-awareness. It’s also one of the fastest-growing wellness trends in the world, with practitioners going to great lengths to find effective methods and techniques. This article will introduce you to some of the most popular Breathwork techniques out there—including how they work and what makes them unique.

There are many different types of breathwork techniques

Breathwork can be an incredibly beneficial practice for a wide range of people. It can help you to discover your inner power, clear past trauma and pain, improve your connection with the natural world around you and more. Breathwork comes in many different forms, each offering unique benefits for those looking to explore their inner self. Some of these breathwork techniques include:

  • Joy of Breathing
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Holotropic breathwork
  • Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System
  • Wim Hof Method
  • Alchemy of Breath
  • Neurodynamic Breathwork
  • Soma Breath
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Soul Dimension Breathing

Soul Dimension Breathing is a method that helps you to release stress and tension that can accumulate in the body, mind and energetic system. Even a short and consistent habit of this focused breathing and meditation practice can quickly increase your overall sense of total well-being in body and mind. The breathing practice empowers you to have a beneficial impact on the chemistry of your body to support healing, increase vitality, and so much more. At deeper levels of the practice, you will naturally unlock and release patterns of emotional and mental tension and stress, as well as release and heal subconscious patterns of feeling and thinking that can keep you stuck in life. The Soul Dimension breathing method is designed to help you connect with your deepest self, source, and inner guidance – where you are empowered to experience higher states of awareness and meditation. This technique can be done sitting and/or lying down in a comfortable space at any time of day. And…..

You can learn the technique for free and practice by yourself and with our online community. You can expect some benefits with a 20 minutes session.


  • Offers a free weekly class
  • You can learn the breathwork technique for free and practice by yourself
  • Easy, quick and powerful
  • Offers live sessions video replays
  • The founder has 30+ years of experience
  • Very affordable prices


  • Difficult to find local instructors

Transformational Breathwork

Transformational Breathwork is a technique that uses breathwork to access and transform emotional, psychological, and spiritual patterns. It involves the use of breathing exercises that are designed to help you access and release emotional blocks. The idea behind transformational breathwork is that your subconscious mind can be accessed through the breath. The goal is not only to release old emotions but also to reprogram your “internal operating system.” According to this model, we all have certain beliefs about ourselves and the world in general, which are programmed into our subconscious mind by experiences during childhood or even earlier (like birth trauma).

In this context, negative emotions like fear or anger can be seen as an indication that something needs to change in our lives—that we need a new perspective on things in order for them not feel so overwhelming anymore.


  • This is a generic breathwork technique that is not managed by an organization
  • Local instructors in many countries


  • Different practitioners might have different ways to practice
  • No global online offering

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a form of breathwork developed by Stanislav Grof in the ’60s. It uses the power of breath to help people release trauma and get in touch with their unconscious mind.

In Holotropic Breathwork, you breathe deeply through your mouth for about 20 minutes while listening to music or a guided meditation. As you breathe, you’ll move into an altered state of consciousness called the holotropic state—”holo” meaning whole and “tropic” meaning directed towards something. In this state, you may feel like you’re floating outside yourself or seeing colors and patterns that aren’t actually there. Your body may also shake or jerk around as if it were being taken over by some kind of spirit energy.

According to Grof’s theory, these non-ordinary experiences happen because accessing our unconscious minds has a lot in common with dreaming: when we dream at night our brain creates its own reality separate from what would normally exist in real life; similarly during holotropic states people can create new realities inside their heads (and sometimes even outside themselves).


  • This method has a lot of research available on the breathwork technique
  • The method is well documented on internet
  • You can find local instructors in many countries


  • Since Stanislav Grof (the founder) retired, the leadership is unclear
  • No global online offering
Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System logo

Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System

Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System is a method of breathwork technique developed by Dr. Pauline Boss. It is used to release trauma, stress, negative emotions and energy blockages that are often stored in the body. The method also helps you move out of old patterns that may be holding you back in life.

BBTRS is not a breathwork only method. The system includes movement, sound, touch, meditation, breath and emotions.

The process includes several levels of work starting with an interview with the practitioner where they ask about any recent or past traumas you may have experienced such as abuse or neglect (physical or emotional). Then the treatment begins with sitting quietly for about 20 minutes before doing any breathing exercises which can last up to one hour depending on how comfortable you feel doing them at home on your own time without supervision from your therapist who does this type of work regularly enough so he/she knows what questions should be asked during each stage so there’s less chance for missed opportunities because something wasn’t said out loud but still felt inside–this means someone else needs help too!


  • This is a powerful for healing trauma
  • It is specifically design to address traumas
  • You can find local instructors in many countries


  • Focuses mainly on expensive teacher trainings and in-person retreats
  • It would probably take you some trainings until you can practice by your own
  • Online sessions are private (no public class) and expensive
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Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method is a breathwork technique that involves hyperventilating to induce the body’s natural fight-or-flight response, followed by a short period of breath retention and then slow breathing. The method is also referred to as WHM or “The Wim Hof Method” because it was developed by Dutchman Wim Hof.

The Wim Hof Method is a comprehensive system that uses breathwork, physical exercises and cold baths/showers.

The breathwork technique includes three phases:

  1. Breath retention—breathing in deeply to fill up the lungs, holding it for up to 60 seconds, then exhaling slowly for about six seconds
  2. Passive hyperventilation—exhaling quickly and forcefully so you feel dizzy and lightheaded; this lasts for 15 seconds
  3. Controlled breathing—deeply inhaling from your belly (the only way you can know you’re doing this correctly is if the muscles around your neck move in), holding it there for one second before exhaling slowly through pursed lips (like when blowing out birthday candles)


  • Easy, quick and powerful
  • The benefits of the breatwhork technique have been widely documented by scientists
  • You can learn the basics for free with Wim Hof app on your mobile phone
  • You can find local instructors in many countries


  • Very rare online live sessions
  • The instructor trainings are expensive
Alchemy of Breath Logo

Alchemy of Breath

Alchemy of Breath is a process of transformation and self-discovery that can be incorporated into your daily life. It is a journey of healing and transformation, not only for the physical body, but also for the mind and spirit. Through this practice you will learn how to connect with your higher self. You will gain clarity of thought while developing an inner strength that helps you navigate through any challenges that may arise in life.


  • Offer online sessions, various breathwork programs, teacher trainings and in-person retreats
  • Regularly offers free online sessions


  • Focuses mainly on expensive teacher trainings
  • Limited description of the breathwork technique on the website, you need to try a session in order to understand the approach
  • The breathwork programs are expensive
Neurodynamic Breathwork logo

Neurodynamic Breathwork

Neurodynamic Breathwork is a technique that uses breathing to release tension in the body, mind and spirit. The practitioner will guide you through a series of exercises which can help you to relax and gain insight about yourself. During the process, it’s common for people to experience emotions or memories that come up for them during their session.

The technique was created by Michael Stone (who started out as being a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator) for the purpose of allowing anybody, anywhere around the world to experience the benefits of regular breathwork sessions in a convenient, low cost format.


  • 4 online Breathwork sessions per week
  • You can try one live session for free
  • Affordable prices


  • The breathwork technique is not presented on the website and the instructions are limited during the live sessions
  • A big part of the sessions is relaxing with music
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Soma Breath

Soma Breath is a breathwork technique that uses the breath to access the subtle body. It can be used to heal the body, mind and spirit.

It is a safe and effective way to access the unconscious mind. The soma or subtle body refers to our energetic system, which includes the chakras (energy centers) and nadis (energy channels). The word “soma” comes from ancient Indian texts such as Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, where it has been referred to as one of seven primary elements related to our consciousness and well-being.

Soma Breath mixes breathing exercises with brainwave music and ecstatic dance.


  • Offer a wide range of programs, trainings, courses, teacher training, music, food supplements and t-shirts
  • You can find local instructors in many countries
  • You can try a breathwork meditation video for free


  • Limited description of the breathwork technique on the website, you need to try a session in order to figure out how it is
  • No possibility to join one only live session
  • Breathwork programs are expensive
breathwork technique


As you can see, there are many different types of breathwork techniques. Each one has a slightly different approach and focus. Some use music or sounds to guide you into altered states of consciousness, while others require more silence or darkness to prepare yourself for meditation. The important thing is that they all seek to help us reconnect with our true selves, self-healing abilities, and unlock the power within our bodies and minds.

What is the right Breathwork method for you?

It mainly depends on your objectives and budget:

  1. The Soul Dimension Breathing is probably your best choice if you want to learn a simple and powerful breathing technique, improve your health, learn about the energetic body system, practice meditation, and feel more empowered to tap into intuition and be able to practice on your own. It is also your best choice if you have a limited budget: many people are just attending the free weekly class.
  2. If your objective is to heal from trauma and your budget is comfortable, you might look for a local instructor practicing Holotropic Breathwork or Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System.
  3. If your objective is to increase your breathing capacity and to improve as a human being (body, mind, emotions and heart), you could try the Soul Dimension Breathing or Wim Hof Method.
  4. If you want get certified as a Breathwork instructor, you might consider Soul Dimension Breathing (coming soon), Wim Hof Method, Holotropic Breathwork, Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System, Alchemy of Breath or Soma Breath.

All these methods are different and have their specific characteristics. It is then your job to find out which one suits your objectives.

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