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Sylvie Horvath

Sylvie is a Yoga Instructor for over 30 years. She is the creator of the Soul Dimension Breathing technique.

Awaken Your Soul Awareness

Stress. Overwhelm. We’ve all been there…🙏 

But no matter how life is going, you always have powerful inner resources. But many times we just don’t feel it, believe in it, or recognize it as something real.

By awakening your awareness and connection with your inner source, you tap into recognizing that the source of peace, love, resilience and profound well-being exist within you. 

We all want to feel happy and deeply well in life, but many times the stresses of life – and our perceptions of them – can have a disempowering and negative, downward spiraling effect. Have you noticed that? 

The power of repetitive patterns carved out in the mind, energy, and nervous system can keep us stuck in “fight or flight” and chronic stress, making it hard to imagine that our own well-being and healing is even possible. 

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I’d like to invite you on a journey…

I’d like you to imagine that a beautiful life is waiting for you. A life where you feel deeply loved, resilient, joyous and fulfilled. Each morning upon awakening, I’d like you to imagine that you ARE the love of your life. That YOU are the love you are seeking, and that you feel this love naturally growing, taking root, expanding within you and your life in simple and magical ways.

I’d also like to invite you to connect with your own desire to feel and know that this love, peace and fulfillment is within you. Imagine that you’re planting the seeds of beautiful flowers of love and peace in your mind. Flowers that grow and blossom, becoming more and more beautiful with each day….And you may even notice after a short time, that these new self-empowering thoughts and feelings are naturally growing stronger within you, just like flowers grow when they receive water and sunlight. And all the while, negative, disempowering thoughts start to naturally fall away, until you recognize that you just don’t need them anymore

I also recommend establishing a daily practice – like our breathing meditations – which reinforce and nurture your renewal and connection to feeling peace and well-being in body and mind. This will help you to carve out the wisdom in your mind and connect you with the love and healing that IS inside you. 

On the journey of self-renewal, healing and awakening, you might ask yourself:

  1. How am I showing up for my daily dose of self-.love, self-care, and connection with my inner source? Meditation, breathing meditation, prayer, journaling, deep relaxation, etc?
  2. What is the quality, energy and feeling of my daily self-talk? What does it reveal about where I’m at, blocked, stopped and slowed down in my life?
  3. How can I create new daily habits (even one) that will help shift how I feel in my body and mind? Exercise? Breathing? Guided meditations? Hypnosis to reprogram the subconscious mind with new, self-empowering beliefs?
  4. What are my feelings about myself?
  5. And what would I like to feel? Imagine these new feelings and thoughts as real and realized now in your life, as if they have already happened. How does it feel? 

On the journey, it’s also good to consider a few ways that you can start a new conversation with yourself. I suggest looking into a mirror everyday for 1 minute in silent witnessing…. Then, still looking in the mirror, you can repeat your 5-10 new empowering self-beliefs multiple times, for about 3 -5 minutes or so. Feel your words anchoring into body and mind ❤️

You can come up with your own new self-empowering beliefs. Here are a few example: I AM worthy of love, and I AM love at my core. I AM inner strength and resilient, I AM capable, I navigate through life with a sense of ease and grace, which grows stronger within me with each day. 

If you don’t have your new self-empowering beliefs, take a moment to connect with about 20 new beliefs and write them down. You can repeat all of them to yourself on a daily basis, or reduce your list down to your top 5 or so.

Plant your seeds and watch them grow! And if you’d like to experience the power of your breathing to increase physical, mental and emotional well-being, join us for a breather at our Free Wednesday Weekly Community Breathwork Experience.

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