Vocal Toning Training


Learn, Practice and Heal

  • Learn the Joy of Breathing technique
  • Learn Vocal Toning Meditation techniques
  • Practice 2x breathwork sessions in order to improve your command of the breathing and the vocal toning meditation techniques
  • Practice 2x Joy of Breathing & Vocal Toning Meditations for great benefits. Repeat as often as you like to master the technique and learn the sounds.
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This Program Is Great If You…

  • Want to learn Vocal Toning Meditation techniques
  • Explore the voice as an instrument to influence the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness
  • Want to explore higher levels of consciousness
  • Want to learn a powerful, easy and very efficient breathing technique



  • Lifetime access to all training content
  • The program is held online on souldimension.org website
  • Log in to My Account to access the training program
  • All classes are taught in English

Cancellation and refund policy

  • There are no refunds for the training
  • If you can’t do it now, you still have lifetime access


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