Breathing Membership

“ Take your health and wellbeing to the next level with a consistent, guided Soul Dimension Breathing practice.” – Sylvie


Weekly Class Membership Content

  • Wednesday Weekly Class (live + replay)
  • 4 Last Wednesday Weekly Class HD video replays

All Inclusive Membership Content

  • Wednesday Weekly Class (live + replay)
  • Monday Weekly Breathwork Healing Sessions (live + replay)
  • Thursday Monthly Breathwork Events (live + replay)
  • All classes & events HD video replays (50+ videos)

Monday Healing Sessions

During this 75 minute online live session you will be safely and gently guided to explore, feel and connect to deeper layers of your body, emotions and consciousness.

You will journey into profoundly healing, deeply relaxing and transformative states of being.

Monthly Special Events

The 90 minutes live events are composed of a Breathwork session followed by a Healing meditation.

The meditation part explores topics such as the 7 Chakras, the Kundalini, the Higher-Self, Inner Peace, Gratitude, Vocal Toning, Manifestation, etc…


Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Your subscription will renew automatically each month until cancelled
  • Easily cancel anytime by logging into your account. You will continue to receive membership access until the remainder of the monthly billing period.
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade anytime (in case of downgrade, the current credit gives you additional time before the next payment is due)
  • No refunds
Membership Levels

Weekly Class Membership, All Inclusive Membership

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