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During this 90 minute online live event, you will experience the powerful benefits of the Joy of Breathing practice to cleanse, balance and awaken the 7 Chakras and the 3 main energy channels (Nadis) that run along the spine (Ida, Pingala, Sushumna).

Carried on the breath, we will journey through a Joy of Breathing session to release any physical and emotional tensions and restore the flow of life force energy (prana). This prepares, activates and opens the body and mind for the 7 Chakras meditation.

The meditation you will experience is greatly enhanced and magnified when practiced with Joy of Breathing Pranayama. By practicing this meditation with the Joy of Breathing at least 2-4 times per month, you will experience an incredible upgrade to your overall well-being and inner state. You will feel more balanced, grounded, AND more aligned with your Highest Self.

What are the 7 Chakras?

There are 7 main chakra energy centers in the body, which are described as whirling wheels of light and energy that run along the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Each chakra has a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimension. When they are in balance or out-of-balance, this effects our well-being on every level and dimension of life.

Each chakra vibrates and resonates at specific frequencies. During this meditation, we will vocalize (chant) the Bija mantras ( pronounced BEEJ), and visualize the colors associated with each chakra.

Below are the Bija Mantras and colors associated with the 7 Chakras.

Starting from the base of the spine:

  • Muladhara(Root chakra – I AM), bija sound – Lam, color Red
  • Swadhisthana (Sacral chakra – I FEEL) bija sound – Vam, color Orange
  • Manipura (Solar plexus chakra – I DO) bija sound – Ram, color Yellow
  • Anahata – (Heart chakra – I LOVE) bija sound – Yam, color Green
  • Vishuddha – (Throat chakra – I SPEAK) bija sound – Ham, color Sky Blue
  • Ajna – (Third eye chakra – I SEE) bija sound – Om, color Indigo
  • Sahasrara – (Crown chakra – I UNDERSTAND) bija sound – Aum, color Violet


  • 75 minutes video of guided breathwork and meditation
  • Valid for 7 days from purchase
  • Access the video from the Replay page (log in required)
  • Watch the class as many times as you like

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • No cancellation or refund

8 reviews for Joy of Breathing Event Replay

  1. Katie

    This was a wonderful session with Sylvie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took a lot from it. It was great to go into a deeper meditation, and to experience meditating with others. It has helped to enhance my spiritual practice. Can’t recommend enough.

  2. Chris

    This session offered me a time of reflection and healing. I felt energized through the extended Joy of Breathing session. During the Meditation, I focused on my inner light, my heart. After the session, I ruminated on the purpose of my life, the value of my existence. I asked myself, “Am I the master of my life? What do I want? What is my true self? What is my purpose?” I was inspired to become the best version of myself. Sylvie’s comment “I remember now” has been resonating with me. I feel blessed. I highly recommend any session with Sylvie. Thank you!

  3. Anna Pastuszko

    It was an amazing session, where I felt the vibrations in my body, especially extremities during the deep breathing part and then “drifted” into wonderful “unknown”. My favorite session 😊

  4. M. Michelle

    I attended the Joy of Breathing & Higher Self Meditation on November 11, 2021. I highly recommend the experience which continues to have positive, lasting effects in my own life.
    Sylvie is a skillful and focused presenter. She easily led the experience with accessible language and demonstrated her deep knowledge of frequencies, consciousness and the physical body. Sylvie also has such a kind and gentle approach that included everyone; she was able to communicate just the right sensitivity for the moment. Sylvie’s yogic training shines through and I felt safely and competently held as I reached new levels of awareness. Thank you, thank you. What a gift!

  5. Chris

    Thank you, Sylvie, for reminding each of us that gratitude is the foundation for joy, happiness, and healing. This session was uplifting, both physically and emotionally. You reminded us that our heart chakra is the center of all gratitude. Through daily practice and awareness, we develop a space for remembering and acknowledging our blessings. Deep breathing guides us. Gratitude leads to peace. Sylvie, your sessions provide a respite; I am grateful!

  6. Anna

    Thanks, Sylvie, for this amazing opportunity to connect with you and everyone else during this Gratitude session!

    I’ve attended several of your free workshops in the last month or so. They were profoundly helpful. I was able to calm my overactive sympathetic nervous system down very quickly, so I decided to give the Gratitude session a try and the result was astounding!

    Before trying the weave style breathing you taught, I was doing some trauma healing outside of this already. Due to recent stressful situations, my chest felt heavier than ever before, along with holding excess negative energy in my abdominal area as well… these led me to have difficulties breathing and calming my sympathetic nervous system.

    Unexpectedly, the breakthrough came last Thursday during our Gratitude session. I was able to clear my emotionally blockages that I’ve been holding onto for my whole life! Now, I feel centered, present and spiritually led.

    I can’t thank you enough for helping me though the most difficult part of my healing journey! Thanks for bringing healing to the world!

  7. Yidan Wang

    Thank you sooooo much! Your breathing technique is life changing! I wish more people know about it! I haven’t been feeling so good in a lonnnnng time!

  8. Theresa

    Just did the Breathwork class. I enjoyed the class and feel Sylvie’s heart, soul in it. I had such an experience. Wow. When I opened my 3rd eye it vibrated and I felt it all up and down my body. It was electrifying. Then as I was laying on my bed I felt somebody touch my hand. What a cool experience! Thank you so much! Love and light❤️🙏

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